Campaign Service

Through regular communication and contacts, you can keep your loyal customers aware of the new updates in the products happening in your business. However, to take any business to a new level, updating your contacts and emails is mandatory. Hence, we provide the email campaign services, with this, we assist you in creating new email campaigns and manage your contact list in a better way.

How is our campaign services different?

The campaign services are well-tested and come with a tracking tool that you can use to understand your recipients’ responses. We also help you in generating automatic reports using which you can understand your prospects’ behavior and track the rate of engagement. It will help you in growing your client base, improving sales, and business.

B2B Capricorn provides data based on client requirements. So, the marketers can opt for direct mailing or mass mailing. However, compared to direct mailing, mass mailing has less response. On the other hand, direct mailing has got a better response. This is because of the involvement of the prime-targeted and minimum audience in direct mailing. Additionally, our email marketing campaign services have a faster deliverance rate with a better response rate. As our data is genuine and accurate, we hold a very strong position in the international market. Thus, we have set up our presence in international locations for better reach to the clients such as the US, UK, Canada, France, Singapore, Australia, and more.

Our Products under Campaign Service Includes:

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